Tile flooring

Tile is a fantastic and beautiful flooring choice for your home or business. It is suitable for almost all locations, is durable, and very easy to clean. Installing tile flooring in a bathroom, kitchen, or office is a classic way to add elegance to the room. You can express your unique style and add character to a space using tile accents on backsplashes and walls. Our expert designers are ready to guide you into the beautiful world of tile.

  • Diversity: One of the best features of tile is its diversity. You can use tile on floors and walls in almost any area of your home. It’s commonly used in high traffic areas like kitchens, entry ways, and bathrooms. However, each room in your home or office can utilize this flooring type. You can get as creative or simple as you want!
  • Style: Tile floors and walls are a timeless addition to any space. They can be arranged in unique patterns and can utilize both texture and color to express your style in any room. Tile is also a great way to maintain your design aesthetic throughout different rooms.
  • Easy To Clean: Cleaning and maintaining tile is very easy. Because of the strength of the tile itself and the grout, you can clean with a mop, broom, and even a vacuum cleaner. Individual tiles that need to be replaced can easily be removed and swapped for a new piece. This differs from wood or carpet flooring where you usually have to replace the entire floor.
  • Naturally Cooling: Tile naturally repels heat compared to carpet flooring which tends to retain heat and increase the temperature of the room. Installing tile in your home and office will help reduce your air conditioning bills throughout the year!

Where Tile Can Be Used


In both residential and commercial settings, bathrooms are the most obvious place for tile. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, tile’s versatility shines as it seamlessly serves multiple purposes— for flooring, showers, and the areas above vanity countertops and sinks. Bathrooms are generally a high-moisture environment which benefits immensely from tile’s innate resistance to water and moisture. This characteristic ensures longevity and simplifies the cleaning process. The enduring combination of style, durability, and practicality makes tile the perfect choice.


In both residential and commercial kitchens, incorporating tile infuses a dash of style while maximizing functionality. Tile seamlessly complements kitchen appliances and cabinets which contributes to an overall aesthetic coherence, adding depth and dimension to the space. The versatility of tile extends beyond its common uses in flooring and backsplashes; it equally shines as a stylish choice for countertops and strategically placed around appliances. This versatility not only elevates the visual appeal of the kitchen but also ensures a practical solution that stands up to the rigors of daily use.

Entryway and Foyer

This is where the initial impression unfolds, and tile offers a splendid chance to awe your guests or clients from the moment they step in, whether it be a home or office space. Beyond its practical benefits, tile can elevate other features and furniture, setting a tone that resonates throughout the entirety of your space. The durability of tile ensures that it withstands the high traffic typically experienced in entryways, making it not just a visually striking choice but also a practical one that is functional and resilient for daily use.

Living Room

The living room is often the heart of a home. Tile is a popular choice for living rooms and the fireplace, not only does it exude an inviting aesthetic, but it’s also easy to maintain and long-lasting. Particularly in regions like Flagstaff, with dry climates, tile that mimics the warmth of wood emerges as a popular and pragmatic choice. The enduring appeal of tile transforms these spaces into not just functional areas but showcases of personalized style, ensuring a welcoming and visually captivating atmosphere for your family and friends.

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tile

While ceramic and porcelain tile look very similar, there are a few things you should consider when choosing between the two materials. The most important thing to consider is where your tile will be used. For example, are you looking for flooring for a high traffic area or backsplash for your kitchen? Porcelain tile is a better option for high-traffic areas in your home because it’s denser and more resistant to chipping and scratching.

Natural Stone

Stone tile is a timeless investment that works well with many different styles like modern/industrial, rustic European, and Spanish style homes. The neutral color palette of stone tile works well in flooring, backsplashes, showers, countertops and more. A few popular types of natural stone are: slate, marble, and travertine.


Slate stone tile

Slate tile is quite popular in northern Arizona, its natural, earthy appearance adds a rustic and elegant touch to any space. This tile is highly durable and known for its resilience, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Slate’s ability to withstand moisture and temperature variations makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as well. It makes for a beautiful addition to floors, walls, and showers. However, its rough texture and color variability can be a drawback for some, making it challenging to clean and maintain. Keep in mind most natural stone does require yearly professional maintenance.


Marble stone tile

Marble tile adds a luxurious and timeless appearance to any space. It’s highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a practical choice for both residential and commercial settings. Marble’s natural cooling properties can also help lower room temperature in summer months. However, it’s essential to consider the drawbacks. Marble is susceptible to staining and etching from acidic substances, so regular professional maintenance and sealing are necessary. This clean tile design is a favorite for flooring, countertops, shower tile, and more. We carry many marble varieties and options for you to choose from.


Travertine stone tile

Travertine tile has a distinctive, earthy appearance and porous surface texture giving it a unique, rustic charm that can enhance various design aesthetics. It’s relatively durable and suited for high-traffic areas, when sealed properly. However, travertine has its drawbacks. It’s a porous stone, making it vulnerable to staining and etching from acids, which necessitates professional sealing and maintenance. Its surface texture may also accumulate dirt and grime more easily than smoother tiles. Nevertheless, the beauty of travertine and its warm, natural hues make it a compelling choice for homeowners.

Other natural stone options to choose from include: basalt, quartzite, granite, limestone, flagstone, and sandstone.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance

Although tile is known for being scratch-resistant and durable, we recommend sweeping or vacuuming your floors regularly to remove dirt and debris. Once the floor is swept, use a damp mop to remove any other stains and to keep your tile floor sparkling. If you notice that your grout is starting to darken, it’s time to give it a cleaning. Dirt gets trapped in grout’s pores, so even dark grouts need a thorough scrub. Gently scrub the grout with a soft brush and warm water, you can add a small amount of recommended cleaning product to your water. Please review the manufacturer recommendations for cleaning products that are safe to use on your tile.

Hire A Professional

If you don’t have time to clean your tile yourself consider hiring a professional floor cleaner to keep your tile floor, walls, showers, and countertops looking great! We recommend Spots Carpet Care, Flagstaff’s premier tile and natural stone cleaning company.

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