Pam’s Pick: Urban Industrial Interior Design

Pam’s Pick: Urban Industrial Interior Design

In 2023, Pam Barmore, who has served as the head designer and manager of our showroom for years, stepped into the role of owner. With her experience and attention to detail, Pam is here to guide and inspire you as you embark on your home remodeling or renovation journey. One of her top interior design picks is urban industrial.

She’s seeing a rising trend towards the urban industrial design esthetic among clients in Northern Arizona. The versatility of this style is surely why it has found favor with many craft breweries and contemporary homeowners.

Key Elements of Urban Industrial Design:

  1. Varied Material Choices: Urban industrial design encompasses an array of materials that can be integrated from floor to ceiling. Pam’s personal favorites include:
  • Weathered woods for flooring or wall accents
  • Vinyl plank for versatile flooring and wall applications
  • Brick-look tiles that infuse a sense of urban grit
  • Hexagon cement tiles that add a geometric edge
  • Granite and Quartz for countertops and islands, providing durability and style
  • Patterned carpets to introduce texture and warmth
  • Deco metallic or steel tiles for a sleek finish
  1. Distressed Textures: A hallmark of urban industrial design is the use of distressed woods and rough-textured materials. These elements seamlessly connect various design components to create a more cohesive space.
  2. Neutral Color Palette: Pam recommends neutral color palette that accentuates the natural beauty of wood and stone materials. She suggests using shades like black, steel grey, light blues, light greens, pale colors, whites, and creams to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Urban industrial design can be enlivened with colorful accents, textures, and standout features that infuse a unique character into your space. This robust design concept can beautifully incorporate rustic elements as well to express your style.

However, there are a few flooring materials and wall components that don’t quite align with the urban industrial concept. Pam advises steering clear of bright colors, shiny glass, floral decorations, and travertine tile when integrating this design into your home.

At Barmore Flooring and Design, you’ll discover an array of flooring and design elements that cater to your dream industrial look while respecting your budget. Pam has expertly guided countless showroom visitors, helping them explore alternatives, variations, and upgrades that align with their specific design vision and financial considerations.

If you’re curious about how an urban industrial style could transform your space, we invite you to visit our store. Take control of your design journey, and get floored with inspiration!