Meet Our Team Members


Meet our team member and owner Pam

As a child Pam loved expressing herself through her art, she developed an innate knack for deciphering the intricate dance of patterns and colors around her. Her family members often sought out her insight during shopping trips to help design their suits and formal wear. This love for design became the driving force behind her hand-made jewelry business she started as a young woman to support herself. Upon earning her degree from the University of Nebraska Kearney, she started her career in public health for the state of Nebraska. Her early professional journey led her through various sectors, providing a diverse range of experiences that has equipped her with a deep understanding of people-to-people interactions, a skill she adeptly applies in her business today. Pam’s expansive professional history has not only shaped her expertise but has also contributed significantly to her success as a seasoned designer and business owner.

Another chapter of her life began after leaving her corporate job and her successful battle with cancer. Pam redirected her career to focus on her love for design. She began working with a custom furniture company to design unique pieces for homes and commercial spaces. However, Pam desired a profession that would challenge her to learn something new every day, thus she began working as a lead designer at our showroom, formerly named Carpets of Dalton, in 2013.

In her words, “Flooring is a much bigger challenge because you have to learn about all the installation techniques, not only do you need to learn how all the designs and colors work together, but also how each tile shape will work in the space”. Pam’s joy stems from working closely with people, her role transcends transforming spaces; it’s about turning the dreams of her clients into a tangible reality. The year 2023 marks an exciting new chapter as Pam steps into the role of store owner. This exciting transition is a testament to Pam’s resilience, passion, and mastery in the world of design.

  • Outside of the showroom Pam enjoys traveling, her flower garden, going to car shows, and spending time with her family.


Meet our team member Larry in charge of warehouse shipments.

Larry has spent 40 years immersed in the flooring industry. From the intricacies of great design to seamless installations and business ownership, Larry’s expertise spans the entire spectrum. His early education in flooring began at his father’s store, laying the foundation for his understanding of the craft. You could say flooring is in his blood. He eventually became co-owner of DeSilva Designs and A to Z Wholesale Flooring. Larry moved to Alaska for a period of time to help his business colleague open a flooring store. However, Larry’s Arizona roots eventually brought him back to Flagstaff to be closer with his family. He now shares his expertise with us at Barmore Flooring, where he manages warehouse operations, sales, shipments, and pricing. Larry is more than a flooring expert; he’s a craftsman dedicated to elevating spaces and loves seeing happy clients as a direct result of his work.

  • Outside of the showroom Larry is an avid hunter and fisherman, he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his grandson.


Team member, Finance

Terri has been exposed to the flooring industry for about 20 years through her profession in finance. She is our financing virtuoso at the showroom, aiming to make every transaction a seamless experience for our clients. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise is an invaluable asset to our team, and we’re genuinely thankful to have her on board! Terri finds immense reward in her profession as it aligns perfectly with her passion for creating beautiful spaces that bring joy to others. The center of Terri’s world is her family. She is especially proud of her daughters’ many accomplishments as an Air Force pilot.

  • Outside of the showroom Terri is an avid baker and digital creator. She enjoys spending time with her family and active involvement in her church community.

Finish First Construction

Partnered local installers

Bill Barmore has over 40 years of experience in the industry as a seasoned professional in the realms of flooring, remodeling, and remediation construction. In 2012, he started his own company, Finish First Construction, in which he brings his expertise in flooring installation to both residential and commercial spaces. Finish First Construction’s portfolio extends beyond flooring, showcasing craftsmanship in custom showers, bathrooms, and transformative kitchen remodels. His company provides a wide variety of installation services including carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, marble, cork, windows, and doors. As a trusted and licensed local installer, Bill has helped many homeowners and business owners in the Flagstaff community create their dream space!

  • Outside of work Bill enjoys car shows, riding his motorcycles, traveling, and spending time with his family.