The Pros and Cons of Buying Flooring Online

The Pros and Cons of Buying Flooring Online

There are many factors to consider when buying flooring online. While you may find some advantages to ordering your new flooring online, it’s extremely important to be aware of the risks before you make such a purchase.

Advantages of Buying Online

There are some advantages to buying flooring online. For most people, the biggest advantage to buying online is the price. If a store is having a clear-out sale or closing sale these can be great finds for discount flooring. There are certainly a lot of things out there that appear to be great deals – and some are.

It’s easy to find a variety of styles and patterns with many online retailers to choose from, you can select from thousands of options without having to leave the comfort of your home. Even though you can’t touch or feel your new flooring before purchasing, you can often find great imagery of the style you’re looking for on websites like Houzz or Pinterest.

What to Beware of When Shopping Online

Consumers are inundated with “great deals” when they click on websites for flooring. The fine print that buyers often miss in warranties from online retailers is that you must contact an authorized dealer for any warranty or claim issues. Without the manufacturer warranty buyers often cannot file damage or return claims.

Online stores might publish that you can return the merchandise, they often don’t tell you about the cost of shipping it back. Nor do they mention that you’ll be charged 30-50% for a restocking fee on top of shipping. So, if you’re searching for the best deal when buying your flooring online, it’s important to be aware of these hidden costs that might arise if you need to return your order.

The biggest issue with most flooring is logistics. How do you get it home? Flooring is HEAVY, most people are just not equipped to receive a 53 ft flooring trailer in their driveway and unload thousands of pounds of product. Where do you store your flooring until you’re ready to use it? Carpet, for example, comes in rolls of 12 ft or 15 ft long and needs to be stored in a dry, climate controlled area.

There isn’t anything wrong with researching flooring online, especially if you’re an out of towner with a rental or second home, sometimes your options are limited. Remember though, a picture is very one dimensional. You can’t get a feel for weight or quality online, so it’s important to make sure you’re ordering from a reputable dealer. Do your research first! When you go to an authorized dealer, you have a sales person who can give you options on various materials that you can touch and feel.

At Barmore Flooring and Design we have years of experience, we know what the pros and cons are for various products and brands, and we know how to handle a claim or warranty issue because we are an authorized dealer. If the website you ordered material from isn’t an authorized dealer, it may be challenging (or even impossible) to claim your warranty. Whether you’re ordering online or in-store, a really good flooring purchase is one that lasts for years and makes you fall in love with the way your home looks. Happy Hunting!!